Diligence Pays Dividends

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Stephen H. Franko, IV, a civil litigator in the Scranton office of Cipriani & Werner, P.C., recently succeeded in opening up a Judgment against a new Firm client eventually resulting in the client’s dismissal from all claims.

Faced with a Judgment of Record held by an opposing corporation, as well as an appeal period that had passed, Mr. Franko utilized the strategy of Equity, petitioning the Court and opening the Judgment.

After several rounds of Preliminary Objections against the holder of the Judgment, the Court was convinced to allow Mr. Franko to file a Complaint joining the entity which was responsible for plaintiff’s damages, held off attempts by the joined party to be dismissed from the action, and then followed by successfully arguing a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings. All told, the inventive and successful legal motions practice utilized by Mr. Franko allowed our client to be dismissed from the case, as well as a Judgment removed, without the need for an evidentiary hearing and a protracted trial.

Needless to say, our client was surprised and thrilled with the outcome, made possible only through Mr. Franko’s perseverance and commitment. As always, Cipriani & Werner, P.C., attorneys, build on this reputation one case at a time.

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