Attorney Nicholson Secures Favorable Decision on Two Claim Petitions

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Ms. Nicholson recently obtained two favorable decisions on Claim Petitions in front of two different Judges in the Greater Philadelphia area. One of the cases, which was pending in Upper Darby, Pa, found that the claimant did not meet her burden of proving that she sustained a work-related injury on the date of alleged injury. Ms. Nicholson strategically utilized the testimony of three employer fact witnesses, a private investigator, and an orthopedic surgeon to prove that the claimant did not sustain a work related injury at all. One of the defense techniques utilized was a popular social media website, which the Judge agreed depicted this particular claimant acting in a manner inconsistent with her alleged injury. This creative tactic clearly worked, as the Claim Petition was Denied and Dismissed, which saved our client, a family-run business, over $75,000.00 in past due wage exposure, plus ongoing wage exposure of over $36,000.00 per year.

Ms. Nicholson also obtained a favorable decision in defending another Claim Petition which was pending in Malvern, Pa. The claimant in this matter alleged that she sustained both physical and psychiatric injuries while in the course and scope of her employment with a very large national transportation company. Ms. Nicholson utilized the testimony of a psychiatrist, the claimant’s supervisor, and a private investigator to prove that the claimant did not sustain either physical or mental injuries on the date in question. This case was litigated for over a year, including ten hearings, and multiple depositions, however, Ms. Nicholson saved the client over $30,000.00 in past due wage exposure, and $20,000.00 per annum in future wage exposure.

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