Defense Verdict in Delaware County Medical Malpractice Case

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In his first trial with Cipriani & Werner in Delaware County, a venue that has turned out some substantial verdicts as of late, a jury returned a verdict in favor of Peter Samson’s client, a plastic surgeon, after just ten minutes of deliberation. The verdict was issued on December 12, 2013.

The case, which began on December 10, 2013, involved the physician’s surgical treatment of plaintiff’s ulnar neuropathy (compression of the ulnar nerve causing numbness and tingling in the hand) and follow-up care. Plaintiff maintained that the defendant surgeon, who also performed hand surgery, removed the nerve from the cubital tunnel where it was compressed at the elbow and entrapped it in another position. Our client and his expert explained that the plaintiff’s later problems resulted due to a neuroma (scar tissue) that developed at the point where the nerve had been compressed. The jury agreed and sided with the defendant physician represented by Cipriani & Werner’s Peter Samson.

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