Attorney Purwin-Ryan Speaks at Cybersecurity Conference

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Carolyn Purwin Ryan, an attorney from C&W's Philadelphia office, spoke at a recent conference entitled  "The FDA's Cybersecurity Enforcement:  Patient Care and Medical Cybersecurity Implications Uncovered". 

Vague requirements and a hot button political issue make for a volatile mixture as industry members try to comply with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) cybersecurity requirements.  The Agency, to date, has released four guidance documents outlining its proposed approach to cybersecurity enforcement, but has yet to demonstrate the degree of its resolve through enforcement activity.  By taking apart and analyzing recent FDA action, the panel informed viewers about the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity compliance.

FDA has made clear that health care facilities need to reassess their information security programs and ensure that these programs are comprehensive and updated.  Applicable cybersecurity measures should also be taken to be able to address the vulnerabilities identified in the alert.  Similarly, manufacturers of medical devices should carefully evaluate their products for potential security exposures.  They should also offer security patches or, if needed, replacement products to their customers and ensure cybersecurity integration to product development.

In a two-hour presentation, Attorney Purwin-Ryan participated in a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders assembled by The Knowledge Group that provided guidance and suggestions to assist the healthcare industry in understanding the important aspects of this significant topic.  They also provided an in-depth discussion of the FDA's cybersecurity enforcement and its implications to the healthcare industry.  Speakers offered best practices in developing and implementing effective information security programs in light of the most recent cybersecurity news.

Key topics included:

  • The FDA Cybersecurity Enforcement - An Overview
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Medical Devices
  • Implications to Healthcare Facilities and Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Best Information Security Practices
  • Regulatory Forecasts
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