Attorney Brennan Secures Summary Judgment in Lehigh County, PA

William M. Brennan, a partner in the firm’s Philadelphia office, recently obtained Summary Judgment for his client in the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania.

The case involved claims against a landlord who Plaintiff alleged had permitted a tenant to keep a dangerous pit bull at the property which allegedly bit Plaintiff.  Attorney Brennan was able to establish, through the use of statements, depositions, and contracts, that the landlord had no knowledge of the dog’s alleged dangerous propensities prior to the date of the incident.  Attorney Brennan was also able to prevail over the novel theory that certain breeds of dogs are inherently dangerous and therefore, their mere presence at a property is per se notice of a dog’s possible dangerous behaviors.

The trial court affirmed the long-standing rule in Pennsylvania that a landlord must have actual knowledge of the specific dog’s behaviors and attitudes before assigning liability to a landlord.

If you have any questions about this case, please contact Attorney Brennan at wbrennan@c-wlaw.com or (610) 567-0700.