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C&W Attorneys Dudzinski and Pentecost to Present at PMTA

Cipriani & Werner, PC partners Chester A. Dudzinski and William B. Pentecost will be presenting the seminar “The 15 Commandments of Minimizing Tort Risks in Trucking” at the 88th annual Management Conference of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA). Co-presenters are John Liberatore of Privacy Risk Services and Steve Yockel of NT Insurance Services.

Mr. Dudzinski is co-chair and Mr. Pentecost is vice-chair of the firm’s transportation litigation group. Cipriani & Werner is a sponsor of the PMTA event.

Held in St. Petersburg, Florida, May 5-7, the presentation will analyze tort risks, from preparing for such uncertainties to resolution strategies. Presenters will compare and contrast the different roles of legal, insurance, and claims professionals to assess strategies for effectively dealing with tort risks.