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Attorney Lauren Dobrowalski Secures Jury Defense Verdict in Premises Liability Case

Lauren E. Dobrowalski, a partner in the firm’s Scranton office, recently obtained a jury defense verdict for our Casino client in Federal Court in a premises liability case.

The case involved a slip and fall that occurred in the bar at the Casino in 2018.  The Plaintiff alleged that he got up onto a platform/stage that was 4 and a half feet off the ground.  It had previously been used by professional dancers who performed during a nightclub promotion at the bar.  A friend of the Plaintiff got up on the stage first, and was ordered down by security.  Plaintiff was standing right there and claimed that he had no knowledge/notice that he could not get up on the stage.  There were no signs forbidding him to do so, and no barriers either.

Plaintiff got up on the platform to dance in front of his group of friends.  Plaintiff claimed that he was sober at the time, and the Court permitted him to make that argument.  After being ordered down by security, the Plaintiff got off the platform by swinging from some bars that were around the platform.  Plaintiff claimed that when he landed on the ground, he slipped and fell on a spill and injured his left knee.

Plaintiff was ultimately diagnosed with MCL and ACL tears.  He underwent surgery three months later.  Plaintiff is a basketball referee and argued that the knee injury impaired his ability to referee girls’ varsity basketball games.  Our client obtained surveillance video of the Plaintiff refereeing a game; he appeared healthy and agile.

Plaintiff’s initial demand was $195,000 which was reduced to $75,000 prior to trial.

Following three days of testimony, the Jury found our client Casino negligent, but found that the negligence was not a substantial factor in the case and awarded no money damages to be paid to the Plaintiff.

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