General & Premises Liability

Cipriani & Werner’s attorneys have successfully handled a wide range of complex general liability cases, which encompass legal claims brought against retail establishments, restaurants and other property owners. From simple “slip and fall” cases to complex litigation involving falling merchandise, faulty equipment, tainted food, premises security and discrimination, our attorneys can successfully represent client interests in nearly any premises liability situation.

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the law in every jurisdiction where we practice, along with the vast experience in the courtroom. Together, our skills and experience provide clients with the best possible liability defense, regardless of case facts.

Premises liability litigation also involves the question of whether others—vendors, contractors or insurance carriers—may bear responsibility for allegations of wrong-doing, either in part or in full. Cipriani & Werner premises liability attorneys have analyzed hundreds of contractual agreements, including insurance agreements, to assist clients in asserting claims for payment of defense costs, contribution, and full indemnification for amounts paid to injured parties.

Experience in defending against liability for harm forms only part of the skills necessary to successfully represent clients in premises litigation. A mastery of the medical complexities involved with a claimed injury and a strong network of medical, vocational and economic experts helps our firm provide the best possible defense. Our attorneys have defended clients in wrongful death claims and injury claims related to medically complex issues, including CRPS, alleged cognitive deficits, and neck and back dysfunction. And just as important, we are often able to resolve matters without ever entering a courtroom, saving clients the time, costs and stress of litigation.

When cases do go to trial, Cipriani & Werner’s premises liability attorneys provide aggressive, thorough analysis and skillful defense strategies developed over decades of counseling some of the nation’s largest commercial retailers, restaurants, fast food producers and hospitality groups. While we are proud of this pedigree, we offer the same level of care and commitment to small business owners facing liability claims.

Attorneys working in this Practice Area
Gerard J. Cipriani

Founding Partner and Of Counsel at Pittsburgh, PA