Attorneys Butkera and Rego Successfully Defeat Class Action and Obtain Summary Judgment

Jessica Butkera and John Rego, partners in the firm’s Maryland (Metropolitan D.C.) office, recently obtained Summary Judgment for their client in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Baltimore City in a case that they were previously successful in defeating the Plaintiffs’ efforts to certify it as a class action.

The lawsuit was premised upon Plaintiffs’ allegations that Defendant fraudulently misrepresented material facts regarding the availability of medical payments coverage while negotiating to resolve the Plaintiffs’ claims for injuries each Plaintiff alleged were sustained on its property.

The Plaintiffs’ attorneys attempted to certify the case as a class action, arguing that any past or present claimants or litigants with claims or lawsuits against Defendant should be included in the class.

Attorneys Butkera and Rego aggressively defended the action, tailoring discovery and deposition testimony in ways to support their eventual success.

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