transportation train plane and truck

The transportation industry requires attention to detail, precision, and a constant sense of urgency to exceed client expectations. The same is true for the transportation lawyers upon whom clients rely when an accident occurs and litigation follows.

At Cipriani & Werner, lawyers throughout our region focus on transportation law and understand the need to work closely with our clients to investigate losses, and to work diligently and cost-effectively to find the best method by which these matters can be concluded. This will include aggressive representation pre-trial and at trial, which the industry demands and our firm provides.

Our advocacy does not begin and end when an accident occurs and the matter closes. We work closely with clients to provide on-site and online education for drivers and safety departments and risk managers, and we have resources throughout the industry to provide assistance with whatever challenges you face. We are members of TIDA, TLA, DRI, CLM and many other organizations supporting the transportation industry. We handle Rideshare/Transportation Network Companies (TNC) coverage and defense, and are also experienced in workers’ compensation and occupational accident claims, cargo claims, regulatory matters and other industry issues.

At Cipriani & Werner, we will stand with you to help prepare for when things go wrong, and if they do, we will act with the competence and sense of urgency the transportation industry demands.