Motor Carrier

The rules of the road.  While they should apply evenly to all, the professional truck driver is, by perception and sometimes statute, held to a higher standard.  Many jurors believe truck drivers to be discourteous speeders who routinely risk damage and injuries to others.  C&W is panel counsel to numerous regional and national carriers working closely with safety directors, terminal managers, drivers and other personnel not only to dispel this misperception, but also toward the ultimate goal of achieving the best safety records possible.

The firm has long represented commercial carriers both in terms of insurance coverage issues as well as in defense of personal injury and property damage claims.  While this representation is generally statewide, we are often asked to represent carriers throughout the United States.  We also handle Rideshare/Transportation Network Companies (TNC) coverage and defense.

Effective representation involves a close working relationship with motor carrier personnel, accident reconstructionists, law-enforcement entities, and forensic experts.  It is critical that counsel have a clear understanding of applicable state and federal regulations for the operation of commercial vehicles.

Oftentimes, this representation requires creativity before, during, and after litigation commences.  It is a firm philosophy to embrace nontraditional solutions as an alternative method by which exposure can be controlled and directed.

Most importantly, it is imperative that we establish a trust and rapport between fact finder and the operator of the vehicle to dispel the common misperceptions of the tired, overworked trucker trying to meet deadlines.

If you need immediate assistance with a Motor Carrier Litigation issue, please contact one of our team numbers via our Rapid Response Team phone number at 412-2CW-RRT4.