The appeals process gives our clients the chance to pursue a new strategy in the wake of unjust outcomes.

Effective appellate representation includes assisting trial counsel in the development of litigation strategy, understanding complicated rules of appellate procedure, timing and preservation of issues, and direction and management of post-trial practice.

The attorneys in the Appellate practice group at Cipriani & Werner have decades of experience handling trial, post-trial, and appellate court matters for a range of clients across industries.  Our experience includes multi-year clerkships in the intermediate and highest appeal courts, providing a unique perspective on the inter-working of the appellate courts in the states in which we practice.

Our Appellate attorneys are committed to timely and cost-effective trial monitoring, case and issue assessment, client counseling and reporting, and legal research and brief writing.  In determining whether to appeal, our attorneys focus on the basics:  the nuances of final and interlocutory orders, when and how to appeal and post security, and the applicable scope and standard review.  We strive to understand our client’s goals, thoroughly research every issue, prepare effective and succinct briefs, and achieve their goals through the skilled art of effective appellate advocacy.