Long Term HealthCare Litigation

CIPRIANI & WERNER, P.C.’s LONG-TERM HEALTHCARE LITIGATION PRACTICE GROUP is focused on protecting our clients from the liabilities and emerging risks that are distinct to the Long-Term Healthcare industry.  Our attorneys have defended suits arising from allegations of sexual abuse, assault, falls, weight loss/malnutrition, choking, medication errors, issues of wound care claims, Locked-in syndrome and vicarious liability claims from negligent hire and retention in connection with sexual assault.   Additionally, our internationally known CYBER BREACH PRACTICE TEAMS and CYBER LITIGATION PRACTICE GROUP work closely with both the LONG-TERM HEALTHCARE LITIGATION and LIFE SCIENCE PRACTICE GROUPS to address the industry specific risks of Long-Term Healthcare facilities associated with such things as the cyber vulnerabilities of medical devices.

Our LONG-TERM HEALTHCARE LITIGATION PRACTICE GROUP is available to help you evaluate your risk and the potential liabilities during any stage of litigation, whether it is prior to a claim arising, during the investigation stage, or defending your interest should a lawsuit be filed.  To schedule a time to speak with any member of the Long-Term Healthcare Litigation Team, please email us at Contact@c-wlaw.com